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Welcome to Full Sports Soccer Players Academy, where dreams become reality with every touch of the ball.

We are the place where emerging talents shape their future to fulfill the dream of playing professionally.

If you are looking for an exciting learning environment and comprehensive development in the world of soccer, you are in the right place.

To whom?
Level: Medium - High

What does the Full Sports Academy include?

Our academy provides new opportunities for youth through soccer. Our goal is to welcome young soccer players in order to provide them with high performance training, accommodation, nutrition, education (languages, financial education) and most importantly, club placement.

At our academy, we believe that each player is unique and deserves individualized attention. Our coaches team with many years of experience in professional football is dedicated to cultivating each player’s potential. From improving technical skills to fostering mental toughness, we address all aspects necessary to succeed on the field and in life.


Integral Fitness Training
Nutritional Counseling
Personalized and Group Training
Psychological Support
Educational Talks
Friendly Matches

Come and join the Full Sports Academy!

The next soccer star could be YOU!

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